The Facebook Causes application is running a contest among its member do-good organizations. Every day, the group that has the most individual donors that day wins $1000; runner up gets $500. The grand winner–most individual donors by November 6–wins, get this, $50,000! The runner-up gets $25,000 and the five next highest gets $10,000 each. Not too shabby!

Now here’s the thing: MADRE, the women’s rights organization, has joined the contest to raise funds for its work protecting women’s rights workers in Afghanistan, where as I’m sure you know many have been threatened with death by the Taliban. MADRE needs your help to win one of these these generous prizes. Can you help? Yes, you can! The competition is for donors, not money totals, so all you need to do is go here and donate $10. In fact, you can donate $10 once a day every day from now till November 6th. If Madre wins even one day, it will get $1000, which is a significant amount. Today, October 15, by 3pm , would be a great time to donate, because with just a few more donors MADRE would beat an anti-choice group, Make Abortion UNTHINKABLE, for second place. That’s $500 for women’s rights, or $500 to take them away. Which should it be?

Please check this contest out, Facebookers, and be generous. Don’t delay, because each day’s mini-contest ends at 3 pm.

Read all about MADRE’s work at