Doppler Elegy

Doppler Elegy


A flowering no one attends
    The enterprise known
variously as waking, April, or
Bats are disappearing like
color into function. I wanted to open
In a new window
    the eyes of a friend
by force if necessary. Amber light
    is a useless phrase

but will have to do
    what painting did
Dense smoke from the burning wells
for our parents. Ben
there is a man at the door who says
I’ve made small changes
    he found your notebook
throughout in red. The recurring dream
    contrived in places

Of waning significance
    it resembles the hand
after a difficult passage
opening, a key word in the early
Blue of rippled glass
atonal circles. They phased us out
    across the backward capitals
like paper money
    Or is that two words

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