Disappointment in Iowa

Disappointment in Iowa

The Corn Belt looks askance at a highly disagreeable field of GOP contenders.


Just 19 percent of likely GOP caucus attendees said they were “very satisfied” with the field of candidates. –Washington Post

Though Romney–Flawlessman–is in the lead,
So polished that he might not sweat or bleed,
The average Iowa voter sometimes balks
At voting for a mannequin that talks.
And John McCain–yes, he of straight talk fame–
Seems much too willing now to play the game.
He felt the call of Regent U. and went;
Since then, his straight talk seems a little bent.
And Giuliani, who derives his powers
From terrorists’ destruction of the towers?
Through how he’s dissed his family they’re seeing
That Rudy is a dreadful human being.
Some shrinks might say when shove now comes to push,
They’re simply yearning to retain George Bush.

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