As The Nation editorialized this week, while the details of the NYPD spying on Muslims are shocking—targets included a small elementary school and some students’ whitewater rafting trip—in many ways the program is merely business as usual as the NYPD has morphed in the decade since 9/11 into an imposing and largely independent and unchecked counterterrorism force.

Given the blatant discriminatory nature of the spying, at least thirty-four members of Congress have called for the Department of Justice to investigate; New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt has been particularly outspoken. The ACLU and CAIR have also called for an investigation. 


The ACLU is demanding a federal probe into the use of White House funds to underwrite the NYPD’s religious profiling. Contact the DOJ and implore Attorney General Holder to open up an investigation. Explain that spying on innocent Americans without probable cause is un-Constitutional and un-American. Call the DOJ Public Comment Line at 202-353-1555 and email to After weighing in, share this info with friends, family, Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


A team of Associated Press reporters first exposed the NYPD’s intelligence operations surveilling Muslim citizens. To get a sense of the scope and enormity of the program, start with this story.


Al Jazeera English‘s Cath Turner details the history of spying on Muslim communities in the US.


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