On September 24, concerned citizens around the world will come together in every nation on earth to demonstrate the breadth and depth of the global movement against fossil fuels. The diversity of events will illustrate the diversity of interests coming together around one common goal. There’ll be marches large and small, bike parades that deliver petitions and encircle coal plants, punk rock festivals, chamber music recitals—even a kite-powered protest on the beach.

In Serbia, activists will take their canoes and paddle around in a 350 formation on the rivers close to Obrenovac, a city notorious for the biggest dirty coal power plant in the region. In Sao Paulo, local greens are staging—what else?—an Eco-Carnival. (Check out the full slate of global events.)

This video lays out the inspiring vision behind the campaign: take ninety seconds to watch it, and then share it with everyone you know.

Now, check out 350.org for complete information on participating in the September 24 actions and other related steps you can take to help build an effective global movement to solve the climate crisis.