Dave Zirin on 2008 Sports and Politics Highlights

Dave Zirin on 2008 Sports and Politics Highlights

Dave Zirin on 2008 Sports and Politics Highlights

The Nation‘s Dave Zirin revisits the highlights of 2008 and sheds light on the late season meltdown of the New York Jets.


The Nation‘s own sports writer, Dave Zirin, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program this week to discuss the dismissal of New York Jets coach Eric Mangini, as well as the intersection of sports and politics during the past year. Zirin explained the ways in which 2008 has presented unprecedented overlap between sports and politics. From the politically charged Beijing Olympics to the effect the recession has had on professional sports teams, to the political activism of some athletes, it’s been quite a year.

Marissa Colón-Margolies

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