Big Ben: Big Time Predator?

Big Ben: Big Time Predator?

In conversation with Alex Witt, The Nation‘s Dave Zirin says that the most recent allegation of sexual assault against Ben Roethlisberger could indicate the patterned behavior of a sexual predator.


With yet another sexual assault allegation against Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, some have hinted the player’s actions could suggest the patterned behavior of a sexual predator. As Nation sports correspondent Dave Zirin discusses on MSNBC, the circumstances of this most recent case are almost identical to two cases filed against him earlier.

"You look at this together and you can only assume one of two things," Zirin says. "Either the women involved, especially the most recent one–20 years old, underage, inebriated–is a sociopath who has the previous police reports memorized, or, something very awful is happening here and there is a pattern of behavior here which is not only unacceptable for an NFL player or a quarterback for the Steelers, it shouldn’t be acceptable at all for anybody."

Although Roethlisberger admits he has done wrong, he will not face charges, but instead be punished, said Steelers President Art Rooney Jr. To earn the respect of the fans and his team, Roethlisberger will need to give serious donations and volunteering time for women’s shelters and rape crisis hotlines, says Zirin, emphasizing that Roethlisberger should not be allowed to "skate on this."

–Clarissa Leon

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