Ben Adler: Mike Huckabee’s Primetime Moment

Ben Adler: Mike Huckabee’s Primetime Moment

Ben Adler: Mike Huckabee’s Primetime Moment

Will Huckabee be able to rally the religious right behind Mitt Romney?


When Mike Huckabee addresses the crowd at the Republican National Convention Wednesday evening, he will be doing so to rally the religious right around a candidate that has so far left much to be desired in the way of hardcore conservative credentials. But he’ll also be trying to put a pleasant face on some of the more extreme elements of the party’s current platform, in a way only Huckabee can pull off.

Watch the full video to see Ben Adler explain Huckabee’s role at the RNC, and read Adler’s article, “Can Mike Huckabee Reinvent Conservative Talk Radio?” for more.

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