It should come as no surprise that Saturday Night Live, marking its
return with a Thursday mini-spinoff last night, has managed to make the
already-tired week-long spotlight on Joe Wilson’s
five-second moment
seem newly hilarious. Re-imagining the
behind-the-scenes planning of the “You Lie!” cry, SNL satirizes a team
of uniformly Southern-drawled, blue-tie-wearing Republican senators, and
finally gives us a more reasonable explanation for Wilson’s comment. As
with the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
sketches last season
, the laughs come not from hyperbole, but from
the eerie accuracy to real events–and even though Palin is now out of
the picture, Kristen Wiig as Michele Bachmann provides a preview of what
might become material for a whole season.

Fernanda Diaz

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