The toll of the coronavirus crisis continues to mount, pushing hospitals to capacity, putting ever more people out of work, and infecting inmates in jails and detention centers. The challenges confronting us can feel overwhelming, but there are lots of small actions that go a long way in supporting people at greatest risk during the crisis.

This week’s Take Action Now gives you ways to support workers, detained immigrants, and your neighbors during the pandemic.

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Workers at Amazon and Instacart are demanding better protection and pay as they continue to go to work while much of the country is asked to self-isolate. Join Jobs With Justice’s Unified Action Team for info about actions you can take to protect working people during the pandemic.


As Covid-19 sweeps the country, thousands of families are still being held in immigration detention centers. Check out Detention Watch Network’s report to learn more about the risks facing people in detention. Participate in DWN’s #FreeThemAll campaign actions, from calling ICE field office directors, to tweeting at your representatives. Keep checking the document as it’s updated with more actions for this week. Then, if you’re able, donate to One Fair Wage’s emergency coronavirus workers support fund.


There are plenty of ways to support your neighbors, even while social distancing. Check this list of mutual aid groups and food banks to see how you can help out in your community, or volunteer to deliver meals through Meals on Wheels. Then, if you’re able, sign up to donate blood to help address the rapidly growing blood shortage.