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Tell Congress: Do Not Sabotage Diplomacy With Iran

Members of Congress are threatening to sabotage the historic deal with Iran—a move that risks bringing us closer to war.

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Focus on the Middle East

John Kerry Makes the Case on Capitol Hill for a Deal With Iran

It’s this deal or war, the secretary of state claimed.

James Carden

Did ISIL Arise Partly Because of Climate Change?

Martin O’Malley was ridiculed by the right for correctly noting the role of climate-induced drought in causing Syria’s instability. The bad news is that this is only the beginning.

Juan Cole

How Israel Uses Water to Control Palestinian Life

The relentless scarcity is purposeful and integral to Israel’s strategy of “demographic balance.”

Charlotte Silver

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Mental Health

Can Living With Long-Term Drought Cause Trauma?

While climate scientists warn about the dangers droughts pose to the natural world, Dr. Irwin Redlener worries about its effects on minds and bodies.

Sarah Goodyear
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