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Tell the Democratic Party: We Need More Debates

With only six primary debates scheduled, the DNC is doing the party—and our democracy— a disservice.

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Focus on Election 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Running to Bernie Sanders’s Left on This One Issue

Clinton just came out with a tough plan to tighten gun laws. Will Sanders stick to his guns—or try a new approach?

Joan Walsh

The Right Is Alienating a Huge and Amazingly Diverse Immigrant Population

Our relentless focus on the Latino vote obscures all the other people GOP nativists are pissing off.

Joshua Holland

Donald Trump Is a True Candidate of the .00001 Percent

The real question is: How has The Donald made it this far in the race?

Nomi Prins

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Higher Education

Why Is College So Expensive if Professors Are Paid So Little?

These are educational professionals, and they need to be compensated like they are.

Michelle Chen

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If You Owe Student-Loan Debt, the Government Can Garnish Your Social Security Benefits

Join our campaign to demand relief for thousands of Social Security recipients still struggling to pay off their student loans.

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