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Stop Urban Shield: Join a Grassroots Campaign to Fight Police Militarization

Last year, activists were able to kick Urban Shield out of Oakland. Now they’re fighting to get rid of this potent symbol of police militarization for good.

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Focus on Police Brutality

No, Protests Against Police Brutality Are Not Increasing Crime

And those who say so are practicing bad journalism and worse science.

Alex S. Vitale

What a Band of 20th-Century Alabama Communists Can Teach Black Lives Matter and the Offspring of Occupy

On the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking history, Hammer and Hoe, author Robin D.G. Kelley discusses the lessons Alabama’s forgotten black communists can offer today’s activists.

Sarah Jaffe

Hey, LA: Here’s How You Say ‘No’ to the Olympics

Just last month, Boston became the first American city in almost 45 years to say ‘no’ to hosting the Olympics. LA, it’s your turn.

Jonathan CohnandRobin Jacks

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Reproductive Rights

Even If You Haven’t Had an Abortion, You Owe Planned Parenthood

And it’s your responsibility to fight back against the war on reproductive rights.

Katha Pollitt
Planned Parenthood

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Defend Planned Parenthood Against Republican Attacks

After anti-choice activists released a misleading video, Republicans are intent on defunding Planned Parenthood—once again putting women’s access to much-needed health care at risk.

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