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Focus on Voting Rights

The GOP Stampede Toward Fascism After the Paris Attacks

We are witnessing one of the most morally calamitous reactions to a refugee crisis in the country’s history.

Sasha Abramsky

Congress Assures the World It’s Afraid of Brown Migrants, Once Again

Stiffening entry requirements for Syrian and Iraqi refugees is dangerous and mean, but that’s how we’ve met non-European migrants for a long time now.

Julianne Hing

European Countries’ Closing Their Borders to Refugees Is Collective Punishment

EU states’ attempts to “opt out” of international law will only fuel more regional chaos.

Michelle Chen

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Election 2016

Can Democratic Socialism Pass the Electability Test? It Already Has

Long before Bernie Sanders, socialists were winning elections—and debates about the direction of the United States.

John Nichols
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