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Israel has had forty years to end its occupation of the West Bank and to resolve the conditions faced by displaced (and domestic to Israel) Palestinians. Instead, Israel has become more militaristic, more violent and more oppressive. Israel has been facilitated in its deepening and downward slide by the doting American government and a supine Western Europe. Israel has acted in bad faith with respect to virtually every international determination from within and without of the United Nations concerning its handling of the Palestinian crisis.

Every conciliatory or accomodating measure possible has been taken with Israel. The result has been total impunity in the effective destruction of the Palestinian national identity, murderous rampages such as the last war on Lebanon, and the barbaric "Operation Cast Lead," the collective punishment of the people of Gaza and the slow annexation of the choicest West Bank territories.

Enough is enough. There is no possible apology to make for Israel at this late juncture, and divest-boycott-sanction is the only remaining lever available to try to force Israel to address the Palestinian plight it is now completely responsible for continuing.