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March 23, 2009

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Give That Lady a Cigar!

Canton, Mich.


The Democrats fail to stop a draconian gun amendment from being attached to an otherwise worthwhile bill backing representation for DC citizens.

Withdrawing his bid for Surgeon General, CNN's Sanjay Gupta is headed back to TV. But his medical reporting, like his nomination, is worrisome.

Demonstrations April 4 calling Wall Street to account could help progressive populism come alive in America. Obama and Congress need the pressure.

Advice and resources for preventing or fighting foreclosure.

Tom Geoghegan may not have prevailed at the polls, but he won the ideas primary.

An act of civil disobedience at a coal-fired generator in DC shows the movement to halt global warming is now in its second act.

Max Fraser on Republic Windows & Doors, John Nichols on the FCC and on Obama's pick for commerce secretary, Loren Lynch on carbon caps

Obama's exit plan leaves unresolved the role of private security contractors and the residual force of as many as 50,000 troops that will remain in place.

Obama's first budget is an audacious plan to transform America. But in sad testament to how deeply we've fallen, it is not bold enough.



The consequences of the deregulatory frenzies that allowed Wall Street to run wild have now come home to roost. So why is the GOP blaming Obama?


If unemployment keeps rising and people with jobs stop spending, the atmospherics are right for a typhoon of misery on a scale of what Americans suffered in the early 1930s.


Will the skewed values of the boom years give way to a spirit of generosity toward the poor?

Dope smokers take heart at Obama's stance on medical marijuana.

Everything the GOP does these days turns to comedy.


The best we can hope for is robust left Keynesianism--capitalism with a green and social democratic face.

Want to improve K-12 schools in your city? Get your friends involved, says Ebrahimi.

Today's threefold crisis of capitalism may yet spark a great revolt from below.

In an interview with The Nation, a veteran UN envoy assesses the Obama administration's evolving policies on Afghanistan and the role President Hamid Karzai might play.

Neoliberal capitalism is dead. But socialism isn't ready to take its place.

Qataris meet with a visitor to ponder the world economy, the plight of the Palestinians and a new American president.

Because of income inequality, the United States scores poorly on a new index of general well-being.

The region's social movements are a useful model for US leftists wanting to influence Obama.

Banks have polluted the economy; it's a matter of equity and efficiency that they clean it up.

Do not underestimate capitalism's ability to adapt and survive—at the expense of the majority it exploits.

The underlying vision isn't capitalist or socialist but something humane, local and accountable.

Hyper-individualism has damaged society, the planet and our private lives. We need a politics that calls us to work together.

What we want from Obama is not social transformation. We want measures to minimize the suffering of people right now.

The capitalists who have run things so far have forfeited all trust and respect. So what will we do now? A Nation Forum.

Books & the Arts


Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Tokyo Sonata, Steve McQueen's Hunger, Andrzej Wajda's Katyn.


Walker Evans's collection of picture postcards, on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is an artistic project in its own right.


Barbara Guest's Collected Poems showcase her knack
for catching sight of time in its act of escaping one's grasp.


The Kindly Ones, Jonathan Littell's fictive memoir of a Nazi SS officer, is intentionally sickening and an unquestionably brilliant success.

3rd Party Article

Te-Ping Chen The country's largest and most diverse youth and student movement demanded bolder policies on climate change and plotted future actions.



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