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March 12, 2007

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Looking for a model lawmaker who called a President to account for launching a war on fabricated grounds? Consider Illinois Representative Abraham Lincoln's rebuke of James Polk.

Instead of using diplomacy to defuse nuclear tensions with Iran, the Bush Administration is seeking to bypass Congress and lay the groundwork for an attack.

Israel's unilateralist government isn't interested in a negotiating partner, but without a united Palestinian leadership, chances for local and regional peace are slim.

John Edwards's netroots flap only proves that Democrats should tap into bloggers' energy and learn to manage their passions.

That poor children in the United States and Britain have the worst quality of life in the developed world speaks volumes about our misplaced priorities.



Some political leaders spin fantasies about how to deal with global warming. Others, like Al Gore and London Mayor Ken Livingston, are prepared to deal with the ugly truth. Who do you believe?


Now that North Korea has joined the nuclear club, Bush is finally willing to negotiate. Can he try that with Iran?

As Jose Padilla's trial unfolds in Miami, the cruel methods of US interrogators are finally being put on trial.

Tom Stoppard's epic Coast of Utopia speaks as much to the state of the American left as it does to the roots of Russia's revolution.


The Iraq War has replaced Vietnam as the emblem of America's worst impulses.

In just six years, Bush has squandered centuries of American progress. It's time to start repairing the damage.

Working mothers can't pamper their stress away--their balancing act needs a political fix.

Why does Hollywood render unions and the working class invisible?

Court challenges gain steam as news organizations identify pilots of planes transporting terror suspects to secret prisons.

Unless the Supreme Court or Congress intervenes, an appeals court ruling this week on Guantánamo detainees opens the door to a global detention system where people can be moved like pawns in a perversion of American justice.

Russian blogs are flourishing as alternative media and launchpads for an emerging civil society, but corruption and government manipulation are flourishing as well.

Here's a list of actions Congress must take to help the nation recover from the Bush Administration's assaults on our liberties and values.

Books & the Arts


A biography of Bernard Fall examines the life of the man who laid the foundations for contemporary war reporting.


Stuart Klawans reviews Into Great Silence, Sátántangó and the Museum of Modern Art's retrospective of Abbas Kiarostami's films.


The Friendship describes how Wordsworth and Coleridge's fiercely uneven relationship affected their lives and work.

3rd Party Article

Students lobby their state government for tuition assistance.

Why the new female president at Harvard is an exception to the rule.

The downsides to President Bush's plan to expand Pell Grants.

The editors of the documentary Swing State Ohio share lessons learned and offer food for thought for 2008.

As a student of color from a working class background in a liberal arts environment, Gina is just one of many women working to bridge two very different worlds.