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January 1, 2007

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Unions are pushing hard for the new Congress to ease the process of organizing labor by passing the Employee Free Choice Act.

Let Justice Roll deserves credit for mobilizing values voters around minimum wage initiatives.

Expect a flurry of hearings on Iraq when the new Democrat-controlled Congress convenes. But no real action from lawmakers or the President is likely to be taken.

Yep, the Congressman from Cleveland's running for President again--but
first, he wants to fix the Democratic Party.

The death of Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet should not blunt the
work of healing the damage he has done and shining light on the truth.



Obsessed GOP hawks--and some Democrats--want to end the Iraq war by escalating it, and Bush proposes expanding the military: America is hooked on the habit of military might.

Carmelo Anthony pays the price for the melee between the Nuggets and the Knicks, but it's NBA commissioner David Stern who should be benched.


Give a gift that will make the world better.

In Congress and the popular press, fantasy rules when the subject is


2006 will be remembered as a year in which the American people and the world rose up to challenge the criminal actions and deceit of the Bush Administration.

Pundits on the left just don't get it when they call the Iraq Study Group report "Stay the Course Lite." It's an admission of the Bush Administration's total failure.

Venezuela's controversial program to provide heating oil to impoverished
American communities exposes the inability of the richest nation on
earth to meet the needs of its poor.

While most politicians win by appealing to the lowest common
denominator, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson takes a decidedly
higher road.

For the first time since Vietnam, active-duty military personnel have organized to oppose a war that they are fighting.

The Congressman from Cleveland explains an urgent need for human unity, human security and peace motivated him to run for President.

Many Israelis and their American allies are sleeping through the rise of the virulently anti-Arab Avigdor Lieberman.

The New Orleans school system, re-created in the wake of Hurricane
Katrina, is beginning to look like something designed by FEMA.

There's little evidence so far that Democrats will push for reconstruction in New Orleans.

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Reviews of Blood Diamond, Inland Empire, The Good
and The History Boys.


My grandfather and I, with Riley the horse,
took four days to hay the acres of grass
from the fields on both sides of the house.
After Riley pulled the mowing machine


Diego Velázquez was a restless innovator, a painter who slyly revealed the ordinariness of his exalted subjects--one is almost tempted to call him modern.


Hart Crane, one of America's greatest poets, relished the extremes that eventually destroyed him.


Five years after the United States ousted the Taliban, optimism about Afghanistan's future is evaporating. Three new books shed light on what went wrong.