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February 5, 2007

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President Bush's State of the Union address proved he is hellbent on going to war with Iran. Here's what the Democrats must do to stop him.

Americans are ready for big, bold ideas to heal our social and economic wounds.

If Barack Obama is to secure critical grassroots support for his presidential bid, he must be less about celebrity and more about policy.

Can a single man force a nation to fight an unpopular war? Here's how
Congress can stand up to Bush.

In the case against Scooter Libby, the Iraq War is not on trial. But the integrity of the White House is.


Kudos to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy for being the first two black coaches to lead teams to the Superbowl. But hold the applause for the NFL.


Bush is soft-pedaling the idea of sacrifice as a way of making his war palatable to ordinary Americans. But the tactic isn't working all that well.

Iraq is America's colonial war. Arguments for maintaining colonial rule in India are almost identical to the justifications offered for the continuing presence of US troops in Iraq and escalation of the war.


No State of the Union message can erase the world's dismal verdict on Bush and the Iraq War.


Dinesh D'Souza revs up the Republican base with a book arguing that lifestyles of the decadent left triggered Muslim anger that led to 9/11.


Big-money athletics cannot help but sabotage what our colleges and universities are for: instruction and research.

The Israel lobby retains its grip inside the Beltway, but it's starting to lose its hold on the broader public debate.


Also at stake in the trial of an Army officer who refuses to deploy to Iraq is the independence of the press.

The 3 million refugees fleeing the Iraq war and insurgency will find no welcome mat here.

Ambitious politicians don't need a draft to run for higher office, but as "draft" sites become a campaign essential, genuine netroots activists will pay the price.

A courageous editor and fervent Turkish patriot is killed in the name of nationalists intent on burying the inconvenient realities of history.

Is education widening the class divide?

A deeply flawed and complex leader now has a second chance to save the country.

The civil liberties organization is engulfed in a tumultuous family feud over its controversial leader.

Books & the Arts


Ruth Scurr reviews The First Total War, a study of Napoleonic France that illuminates the causes of all-out war.


The Radical and the Republican traces the antislavery politics of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln.


The Bloodless Revolution explores four centuries of arguments for vegetarianism, from good health to fascist politics.


       for Robert Creeley (1926-2005)

What you won't see today:

juniper's tough skein.

3rd Party Article

An interview with Antonio Caba, a Maya activist working to hold ex-dictators accountable for one of the western hemisphere's most violent civil conflicts in the modern era.

On the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the "We Had Abortions" campaign invites students to add their name to the growing list of women hoping to rid the abortion debate of shame and silence.

Think you've read everything about Myspace? Think again. Social network expert danah boyd breaks it down.

One of over a thousand anti-escalation events taking place around the country.