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December 22, 2003 Issue

  • Editorials

    Protesting to Protect the Constitution

    Three states (Alaska, Arizona and Hawaii) and 219 cities, towns and counties have passed anti-Patriot Act resolutions, ordinances or ballot initiatives. Hundreds more are in progress.

    The Nation

  • Bush’s Religious Language

    George W. Bush began to take part in a Bible study group in 1985, after two decades of binge drinking. For two years he studied the Scriptures and put his heavy drinking behind him.

    Juan Stam

  • A Present for Murdoch

    The Bush Administration will make sure that no Grinch spoils Rupert Murdoch's holiday season.

    Jeffrey Chester

  • Restarting the Energy Bill

    The stalling of the Republican-backed energy bill by a Democrat-led Senate filibuster was only a temporary reprieve.

    Jamie Lincoln Kitman

  • Can Kerry Get Real?

    If a presidential candidate is truly the Real Deal, does he have to repeatedly pronounce himself the Real Deal?

    David Corn

  • What Recovery?

    Third-quarter GDP grew by 8.2 percent, October unemployment dropped to 6 percent, manufacturing orders are soaring, the stock market is up--as are profits, the value of stock options and CEO sala

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

  • In Fact…


    the Editors

  • The AIDS Challenge

    This World AIDS Day we were greeted by new, more accurate data from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming the astonishing scope of the global epidemic: Some 40 million are now infected,

    the Editors

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