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April 6, 2009

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UNITE HERE--The Great Debate

San Francisco


President Obama has invented a new board game that nobody can lose. But only Wall Street money men can play.

In the second 9/11, all the pain and torture is in the neighborhood.

Obama vowed to reverse Bush's excesses. But his resistance to judicial oversight and constitutional restraint may render his promises unenforceable.

A new kind of economic populism is driving grassroots protests to nationalize, reorganize and decentralize the financial system.

Iraq by the numbers, six years on; John Nichols on The Daily Show's meltdown smackdown.

Every Democratic elected official must answer an old but newly relevant question: are you for or against labor unions?

In a climate of crisis, it would be foolish for Democrats to retreat from the one measure that could rebalance our disastrous economic formula: pass the EFCA.



Obama's nomination of Gary Gensler to head the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is yet another example of how the president has entrusted his economic policy to the wrong people

Why does the president of the NCAA think it's fine for TV networks and gamblers to profit from the Final Four, but not the players?


Atlantic blogger Ross Douthat joins the New York Times's op-ed lineup. Depressing.

Expect gale-force gusts of bombast at NATO's anniversary party.


Reclaiming Palestinian territory in East Jerusalem looks to be new frontier for Israeli expansionism.

In a capitalist economy, the government needs channels to use taxpayers' money to work on social needs, needs that cannot easily be met through market mechanisms.

Even though the Hawaii State Supreme Court has ruled against this huge corporate-military boondoggle, the battle isn't over yet.

Capitalism will only end when the world's working class puts it to sleep, and that--the revolution--is not around the corner.

No weapon better symbolizes Israel's indirect occupation of Gaza than unmanned drones.

The escalating war near America's southern border is driving embattled Mexicans to seek safety in the United States. What if the tide of violence follows them?

If ordinary citizens could attend a White House press conference, what would they want to know? Submit your questions here for a People's Press Conference.

A new initiative empowers citizens to submit and rank questions for the president to answer.

Italy's small, independent, radical daily is an indispensable voice on the left.

The collapse of journalism threatens democracy itself--that's why we need a government rescue.

Books & the Arts


In The Winter Sun, Fanny Howe proves to be a reluctant and rebellious memoirist.


The poems of Umberto Saba let tradition speak to and through modernity.


An anthology of true crime writing appeals to the culture vulture--and the plain old vulture--in us.



 1 Perhaps the purpose of digging a deep hole in the ground is very good, and to be hoped for. (4-8)