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April 14, 2008

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Kaffeeklatsch: The Woman or the Black?

San Francisco


The new positive rights of the twenty-first century.

We must embrace the universal benefits of a government dedicated to preparing citizens for acompetitive and unpredictable world.

The New Deal demonstrated the power of government to address failures of the market, and to retreat once it was no longer needed

The ethos of the New Deal is only more prescient and pressing today.

Real change cannot come from the top down alone; it must rise up from
the bottom as well.

Two outrageous statements by Bush and Cheney demonstrate their scorn and
contempt for the American people and for the armed forces they command.

Media pundits and bloggers bloviate when journalists make mistakes. But where is their outrage over the biggest fraud of all: the way the media followed Bush to war?

After fifty years of revolution, a change of leadership offers the possibility of significant change. But the average Cuban seems to have no idea how to proceed.

At the hour of our latest and greatest crisis, don't expect anything of this bunch but the usual heck of a job.

Clinton and Obama haven't come up with real solutions yet, but a mass movement could push them toward the right solution.

Prizes for The Nation, Pelosi in Tibet, counting the casualties.

Let's reinvent progressive economic policy, starting with our own sovereign wealth fund to deal with urgent social needs.

Ten Congressional Democratic challengers have proposed a "Responsible Plan to End the War." It just might work.



The Bush Administration has presided over the highest run-up in military spending since World War II. As our economy collapses, why can't the media connect the dots?

Here's what's gone wrong so far--and it's only April

A ballpark for rich folks displaces the poor. But the Washington Post fails to utter a discouraging word.


Gas is up, sneakers are up, onions are up and eggs, too. The only thing that is not up is your income.

He's not a real fighter. He's too pretty and doesn't want to get his looks messed up.


The west routinely celebrates the Indian economy as a stirring giant, but the worsening plight of the rural poor tells a different story: A conversation with Prabhat Patnaik.

A former GOP fundraiser talks about donor psychology, disillusionment and the high cost of winning.

Big Think seeks to smarten up the Internet by getting up close and intellectual with the most creative thinkers alive.

The latest round of Iraq's Shiite vs. Shiite civil war was to have been Bush's defining moment. The result: utter humiliation for the US and the Iraqi government.

Lieut. Cmdr. Brian Mizer has filed a motion to dismiss charges against Salim Hamdan, in light of new evidence documenting the improper involvement of political appointees.

This week's episode of Citizen Kang: The Congresswoman and a lobbyist get down with some cuisine and chat about evildoers, while the game's afoot in other quarters.

Not everyone considers access to water to be a human right. A global water justice movement is changing that notion.

Why do conservatives continue to feel oppressed by the "liberal elite"?

The blowback of housing deflation on our overleveraged financial markets has seriously constricted the flow of credit--the lifeblood of the world's largest debtor economy.

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Could Russell Banks be retooling himself as a fabulist?


for Aaron Korkegian


Helen Adam wrote to raise gooseflesh. A new collection of her work takes her on her own terms.


The Zen reflections in Philip Whalen's poetry have been collected in one beautiful book.