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Naomi Klein

Some mainstream environmental organizations are trying to wean themselves from fossil fuel investments—but some aren’t.

The UK rioters know full well that their elites are looters too.

At Bolivia's climate summit, the prevailing sentiment was rage against helplessness.

It is we in the West who owe it reparations.

The G-8 powers are willing to do just about anything to get a deal in Copenhagen. But the urgency doesn't come from a desire to stop climate change.

In Copenhagen, activists won't just say no--they will aggressively advance solutions that reduce emissions and narrow inequity.

Just because the United States is trying to be a global team player again doesn't mean the game gets better rules.

The glittering "spotlight" at a Toronto film festival is a reflection of Israel's desire to avoid scrutiny for its actions in Gaza.


Naomi Klein
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