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Steve Early

Steve Early is the author, most recently, of The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor (Haymarket). Early spent many years helping members of the Communications Workers of America bargain about health insurance issues. He moved to Richmond two years ago and is writing a book about the city. He belongs to the Richmond Progressive Alliance.


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At a Local Progress gathering in New York City, “pothole progressives” shared strategies for a grassroots, social justice revival.

Richmond, a work in progress… romancing Palestine… porking the wuzzle… FSM 50th anniversary…

In 2008, progressives won control of City Hall. Now, as elections loom, Chevron wants to take it back.

Disguised as health promotion, it’s another form of cost-shifting to employees, in which some will be unfairly penalized.

What’s the best way to deal with contract concessions demanded by the big HMO, labor-management “partnership” or rank-and-file militancy?

Could the Green Mountain state be the first in the country to offer accessible healthcare to all its citizens?

Max Baucus's scheme to tax the benefits of workers slightly better off--so revenue can be raised for private insurance subsidies--is a lose-lose proposition.

Two colleagues remember Ron Carey, the reformer and Teamsters Union president, who weathered controversy and won battles on his own terms.

Americans spend more time on the job than workers in any other country. Isn't it time presumably labor-friendly Democrats did something about it?

Will rural America become roadkill on the information superhighway?