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Spencer Woodman

Spencer Woodman is a freelance writer based in New York. You can reach him at Contactspencerwoodman@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter via @spencerwoodman.


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The Chicago mayor’s office confirmed that Comcast advised Emanuel on how to support a proposed merger with Time Warner—but it is refusing to make the communication public.

The retail giant acknowledges that a “thorough review” is under way and vows “appropriate action” if violations are discovered.

The state’s unprecedented cuts to benefits for the jobless are leaving families stranded without money for food, transportation and housing.

The charges form the crux of a federal discrimination lawsuit that goes to trial this month.

Organizers have found a new approach to promoting workers’ rights at the retail giant. And it seems to be working.

Hit hard by the recession, America's restaurant workers are fighting for a fair deal.