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Sam Graham-Felsen

Sam Graham-Felsen was Barack Obama's chief blogger on the 2008 campaign. He writes and speaks on technology, politics, and social movements. His website is www.samgf.com.


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One of the last big encampments left, Occupy Boston is strugging to square its inclusive philosophy with the realities of urban life.

In facilitating smart organizing, the Internet emboldened Egyptian activists.

As the student peace movement grows stronger and more sophisticated, can it ignite the silent antiwar majority on campus?

Barack Obama's youthful supporters are using Facebook and other social networking web tools to spark a movement that could make a real difference.

Let Justice Roll deserves credit for mobilizing values voters around minimum wage initiatives.

A unique student-run organization is making real strides mobilizing
progressive voters for victory in the long haul.

Progressive organizations are learning to use ballot propositions to promote bold, innovative policy on the minimum wage, renewable energy, stem cell research and voting reform.

In celebration of Earth Day, The Nation salutes those who took part in the top five environmental victories of the year.

The growing campus campaign to force universities to divest from
corporations doing business with the Sudanese government is having real

Loads of student activists--far-left and moderate, dredded and
shiny-shoed--and their mentors responded to Sam Graham-Felsen's "The New
Face of the Campus Left" [Feb. 13].