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Ronald Grigor Suny

Ronald Grigor Suny, the Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Social and Political History and the director of the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Michigan, is also professor emeritus of political science and history at the University of Chicago. He is the author of The Soviet Experiment: Russia, the USSR, and the Successor States (Oxford) and is currently writing a biography of Stalin.


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The story of communism's rise and fall in Eastern Europe is a tale of two revolutions.

Two new books take a closer look at the "Soviet monster" in an age of lazy, anti-Communist rhetoric.

A courageous editor and fervent Turkish patriot is killed in the name of nationalists intent on burying the inconvenient realities of history.

Nikolai Bukharin's Philosophical Arabesques is more than a
cul-de-sac on the road from Marx to Stalin; the book defines a
political path still not taken.

Stalin continues to fascinate--the central mystery within the riddle inside the enigma that was the Soviet Union. If you Google "Stalin, biography," 166,000 websites come up.