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Michelle Dean's writing has appeared at The New Yorker's Page Turner blog, Slate, Salon, the Globe and Mail, and a variety of other publications.


Sofia Coppola’s new movie doesn’t move its audience to question these celebrity-obsessed thieves—and it should.
Much Ado About Nothing is great! Does it matter that its appeal depends on being a Whedon nerd?
Linklater’s latest installment in his trilogy of GenX romance shows that hope isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
We're all upset about Game of Thrones. What if we felt the same way about Turkey?
Doesn't anyone dream of the stars in culture or in politics anymore?
Some things haven’t changed that much since the Jazz Age.
Questions of VIDA, and women’s authority to offer opinions, were discussed in a lively panel on Women and Criticism.
The doors of Dunder Mifflin are closing. But the misplaced chairs and corporate blandness of white collar work are here to stay.