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Michael Tracey is a journalist based in Brooklyn, New York.


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County clerks are reporting inaccessible polling stations, damaged absentee ballots and mass confusion about where and how to vote on Tuesday.

The documentary, starring the late Andrew Breitbart, is a deranged hodge-podge of bizarre memes, wild dot-connecting and unadulterated fury.

Mayor Michael Nutter and Philadelphia police have shown respect for the right to protest, and a deadline for eviction passed without action.

A peaceful demonstration in Times Square was met with the force's Mounted Unit, creating a dangerous situation.

The Medill School of Journalism's change of name is indicative of wider -- and frightening -- trends in journalism education.

US drug reformers could learn a lot from Portugal’s successful decriminalization efforts.

With callous austerity measures, New Jersey's Chris Christie has made himself a contender.

A rally in opposition to the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan marred what should have been a day of remembrance and reflection with disturbing outbursts of racism and misogyny.

The former president's reversal is the highest-profile one to date. It may also have political implications for the future of the Defense of Marriage Act.


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