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Liliana Segura

Liliana Segura

Liliana Segura is Associate Editor of The Nation. She also writes about prisons and harsh sentencing. Follow her on Twitter at @lilianasegura.


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Paul Butler used to send people to prison for drugs. Now he supports letting guilty drug offenders go.

Obama’s attorney general promised a new approach to criminal justice—but prosecutors can still block meaningful change.

Witnesses say they saw Timothy McKinney shoot an off-duty police officer in 1997. But their stories have changed—and the DA’s office has been caught hiding evidence in death penalty trials.

What will Pennsylvania do with prisoners like Sharon Wiggins, who has been locked up for more than forty years for a crime she committed at 17?

Illinois has shuttered a commission formed to examine the cases of prisoners who say they were abused under Chicago’s former Police Commander Jon Burge years ago. But a truth-telling play—by the journalist who broke the story—will not let us forget.

Why did the Court limit its ruling to cases with mandatory sentences, instead of banning juvenile life without parole altogether?

Trina Garnett accidentally set a fatal fire when she was 14. That was in 1976. Could today’s Supreme Court ruling against juvenile life without parole finally bring her home?

When inmates at Attica took over the prison in September of 1971, they were fighting for their basic rights. But their demands were ultimately met with tear gas and bullets.

Four decades after the bloodiest prison massacre in US history, we have yet to accept the basic fact that prisoners are human.


A new ACLU report shows the staggering number of prisoners serving life without parole. In Louisiana, more than 90 percent are black.
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When a Pennsylvania jury sentenced Terrance Williams with the death penalty, they didn't know he had suffered years of violent sexual abuse...
If Anders Breivik’s twenty-one-year sentence is shocking to Americans, it is largely because we are so uniquely punitive, whether the...
The Supreme Court waved forward the execution of Marvin Wilson despite a 2002 ban on executing people with intellectual disabilities.