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Kate Levin

Kate Levin is a writer in Brooklyn. Her work has also appeared in The Crier.


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In a kinetic and searching memoir, Ace of Spades, David Matthews confronts the identity questions that bedeviled him growing up biracial.

Claire Messud's The Emperor's Children is a superb comedy of
manners, a richly tragicomic view of three thirtysomething Ivy Leaguers in the days leading up to 9/11.

The Caribbean island of Vieques is a fitting setting for Captain
of the Sleepers,
Cuban novelist Mayra Montero's engrossing story
premised on violations of the dead.

The Senate will soon consider the Fairness in Asbestos Injury Resolution Act (FAIR) that is anything but for the workers whose health has been impaired by asbestos. It's a move by major corporations to significantly reduce their liability.

"If Bush gets re-elected, I'm moving to Canada!" Most of us who've vowed this, at one time or another, won't actually make good on our word.

A confession is, by definition, a declaration of guilt.

Will the US Navy break with its long history of environmental negligence?