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Herman Schwartz

Herman Schwartz, a professor of law at the American University, is the author of Right Wing Justice: The Conservative Campaign to Take Over the Courts (2004) and editor of The Rehnquist Court (2002),
based on an October 9, 2000, special issue of The Nation.


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The Supreme Court has given financial institutions and employers a license to do wrong—and it’s hitting the poor especially hard.

Republicans have been blocking Obama's nominations—but the president’s refusal to fight back is part of the problem.

Bork was denied a seat on the Supreme Court because he was a right-wing zealot, not because of campaign of liberal lies.

Helping the big get bigger, the strong get stronger.

The Fourth Amendment was designed to guard against arbitrary governmental authority. That shield has been shattered, leaving our liberty and personal integrity subject to the whim of jail officials and cops on the beat.

Citizens United and Bush v. Gore don't stand alone. A decade worth of Supreme Court decisions has tiled the electoral playing field toward the Republicans.

How a mere "procedural" decision blatantly shortchanges justice.

The next president and Congress must reverse the conservative tide of the Bush judiciary.

It's going to be a hungry summer for low-income kids on vacation from school lunch programs.

Four new books explore the impact of Bush appointees on the newly
politicized Supreme Court and the power they wield over our
public and private lives.