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Gabriel Thompson

Gabriel Thompson is the author of Working in the Shadows (Nation Books, 2010). He is working on a biography of Fred Ross—the legendary organizer who trained Cesar Chavez—titled America’s Social Arsonist.


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My life as a temp in California’s Inland Empire, the belly of the online shopping beast.

Young farm workers are falling ill from “green tobacco sickness” while the industry denies it and government lets it happen.

Without its lifeline, a stream of federal aid, Lemoore is in crisis mode—and residents of all political stripes are united in outrage.

The heat is on big banks and CEOs as labor and community activists band together.

Industry leaders and their Senate allies are trying to kill reforms protecting immigrant workers.

The USDA proposes to increase line speed in poultry plants, but the debate is only about food safety. What about the workers?

Despite occasional friction, unions and Occupy have found a way to live happily together.