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Deepak Bhargava

Deepak Bhargava is Director of the Campaign for Community Change.


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The hard-won relief arrived only after undocumented workers and their families took huge risks to step forward and lead.

The way to keep families together is to keep tearing them apart? Please.

The stakes in 2012 and beyond.

Why progressives need to own Obama's achievements—and build a movement to pressure him to do more.

For all the supposed preparation progressives did for a return to political power, we haven’t figured out how to relate to an actual government. If progressives cannot "own" landmark achievements like healthcare and financial reform, how can we expect anyone else to?

For nearly two years, the loudest and most insistent voices in American politics have been on the extreme right. At the One Nation, Working Together march, this is going to change.

To build on the gains of Obama's presidency, progressive activists must focus on recruitment.

Passing progressive immigration legislation this year is a moral imperative. History is in our hands.

Progressives lack a common set of that tie a movement together. But
they can build on conservatives' proven strategy of slowly creating a
broad consensus.