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David Bacon

David Bacon is author of Illegal People—How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants, and the forthcoming The Right to Stay Home, both from Beacon Press.


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By law, a company can’t hire H-2A guest workers if it is in a labor dispute with its US workforce. But that is exactly what this Washington State berry grower is trying to do.

Reformers are targeting Mexican teachers, wielding tests as a weapon. Sound familiar?

Rejecting proposals to tighten borders, a network of grassroots groups calls for reform based on “human, labor and civil rights for all.”

A campaign that brought together African-Americans and undocumented workers stopped an anti-immigrant bill in its tracks.

Impoverished by NAFTA, residents of Veracruz crossed the border to work in Smithfield’s Tar Heel slaughterhouse. Now, they're condemned as “illegals.”

Last month six hundred employees at the fast food chain were fired in Minnesota. Their only crime was working.

With US approval and privatization the goal, the government is targeting organized labor.

The strike at Cananea highlights the extremely unsafe conditions of Mexican mines.

Holding the budget hostage while state unemployment tops 12 percent, California growers and their political allies have slashed funding for schools and social services. The March for California's Future is challenging the stranglehold that big agriculture exerts over the state.

Clearer rights for immigrants and jobs for workers hard-hit by the recession will go a long way to reduce competition and fear.