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Daphne Eviatar

Daphne Eviatar, a Brooklyn-based lawyer and journalist, is a senior reporter for The American Lawyer.


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An eviscerated Consumer Product Safety Commission means American children still face perils from their toys.


New York City

Hugo Chávez was re-elected not for his admiration of Castro but for presiding over a robust economy and aggressively improving the lot of Venezuela's poor.

News flash: Dissent sells! And the American public does have a taste for
serious, high-minded news.

CNN pundit Lou Dobbs has made himself a "specialist" in channeling
nativist, nationalist and even white supremacist rhetoric.

Bolivian President Evo Morales is taking a risk in nationalizing his country's natural gas fields--but it reflects growing discontent across Latin America over unfair deals with banks and private oil companies.


Douglaston, NY

Many Bolivians have faith in Evo Morales, the former coca farmer who
became the first indigenous president in the country's history last
month. But will Morales be able to keep his promises to nationalize the
energy industry and protect indigenous culture and the livelihood of farmers?

The election of former coca farmer Evo Morales as Bolivia's first
indigenous president appears to be an enormous victory for the left, as
yet another Latin American nation turns away from Washington-driven
economics. But will Morales be able to live up to his promise of
home-grown solutions for this cash-poor yet resource-rich nation?

Oil exploration in Ecuador has transformed the national consciousness.