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Chase Madar

Chase Madar

Chase Madar is a civil rights attorney in New York and the author of The Passion of Bradley Manning: The Story behind the Wikileaks Whistleblower (Verso). He tweets @ChMadar.


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It’s not just Ferguson—here’s how the system protects police.

Progress can’t be made toward a just settlement between Israel and Palestine until Washington quits arming one side to the teeth. 

His disclosures were profoundly moral. Justice demands that all charges be dropped.

Try to think of an aspect of everyday life that doesn’t somehow include the police.

A target that Republicans and Democrats can unite in vindictive harmony against.

His conviction on Espionage Act charges poses grave dangers for American journalism.

After Newtown, policy-makers are making schools more like prisons—at the expense of those they should be protecting.

The Justice Department has been ruthless in targeting those who bring hidden information into the public realm. 

Do the WikiLeaks War Logs reveal war crimes? Or do they reveal the poverty of international law?


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