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Anna Lekas Miller

Anna Lekas Miller (@agoodcuppa) is an independent journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. She has lived and reported from the West Bank in addition to reporting on racial and economic justice and women’s rights globally. Her work has appeared in Al Jazeera English, The Guardian, The Nation, The Daily Beast and Truthout.



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A new report documents incidents of bigotry and suggests fighting bad speech with counter speech.

It’s considering a bill that would estrange millions of Palestinian-Americans from their families and their illegally occupied homeland.

In Egypt, as well as in the West, outrage over rampant sexual assault has too often been about political agendas rather than concern for the actual victims.

Where the group was born, in Ukraine, its naked protests made more sense—but in the Muslim world, the message is getting lost in translation.

Decades of Jewish settlement and Arab dispossession have radically changed the demographic makeup of this Palestinian capital.


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