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“Stand of the heart”

I want to congradulate you for your stand of the heart. It is disgusting that people in this country shout and cheer when someone is killed. It is OK to be happy that a bad man has been stopped, but we look like a bunch of idiots celebrating death. The entire world is laughing at us, and this is just one more reason for them to validate their opinion of us. There are people who like what bin Laden stood for. They will carry on his legacy and our little children–like behavior is just what they love to punish. It is disrespectful to applaud when there are so many people who have been killed, wounded, lost or tramatized that did not ask to be included. I wish I could talk to someone about all my solutions to our problems. Welfare, unemployment, generational disfunction. Greed and lazyness in our country, loss of integrity, personal responsibility. It goes on and on.

Audrey Silberman

St. Louis, MO

May 3 2011 - 2:04am

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