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I'm an undecided, practical progressive. I read all (yes, all) of the articles, and except for the one written in favor of Bill Richardson, none even mentioned what solutions the candidates have to global climate change (and Richardson's only mentioned his position in favor of renewable energies).

When are people going to start discussing the big issues? Like, How are we going to solve the impending water crisis here at home? Or what is the national plan to deal with the increasingly fierce natural disasters that are plaguing the planet? FEMA as it stands? I think not.

Also, as a native (and current resident) of a rural state (though not a rural town), I'm very interested in what happens to our nation's farmers and the food they grow. What about the Farm Bill? The FDA?

And who's going to stop the mega-corporations from running rampant and profiting off of the American taxpayer?

Any candidate that can answer those questions sensibly and thoughtfully with an eye to the future is going to get my vote.

Sarah Wassberg

Fargo, ND

Nov 20 2007 - 12:53pm

Web Letter

Maybe it's time for the Senator from Wall Street? She's the best of that candidate field.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Nov 8 2007 - 11:38pm

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