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"Without serious reductions in that budget [...] we will almost certainly have reached a premature end to the Obama promise."

The death of every soldier we've lost to Obama's war has been an indication that Obama has no promise. There's no escaping that fact, and more meetings to discuss it will only serve, eventually, to drive the point beyond what we've been calling "home."

The question can only be one of how far we want to go, how much we are willing to endure, and it doesn't matter whether what we are enduring is the loss of a beloved who was a soldier or whether it's the money we spend to employ all the soldiers as we do. Each of us can learn nothing more or better than that what we do in response to the deaths of soldiers affects Obama's promise. Those soldiers didn't sign up to die for Obama's promise; hell, some of them, when they signed up, had never heard of Barack Obama. I know I hadn't.

On the subject of empire, and with empire being represented by Heaven or The Ideal: the wrong people are unemployed. This is because we tolerate bailouts, which serve no purpose in a capitalist society (and what body of two or more isn't capitalist?) except to allow citizens to say of the incompetents among them that they are now *officially* at work.

It's either this or else we declare that there is no right or wrong, no left or right, for anyone. There is nothing else to be discussed, to be known, at any meeting that claims to have empire as its subject.

You know why we have bailouts? It's not in response to the fact that we suddenly learned that crooks run businesses. It's in response to the fact that Congress enabled those crooks to be where they were and to do what they did. Bailouts are intended to protect Congress.

J.E. Bernecky

Westover, PA

Apr 13 2010 - 8:39am

Web Letter

A couple more performances like Jon Kyl's on The Newshour last night could have conservatives deserting the GOP en masse. When he was asked if the GOP would support a nuclear reduction treaty with Russia, he all but demanded (twice) a bribe in the form of funding for one of his favored military contractors.

It becomes increasingly and painfully clear that "America's security" is shorthand for military contracts and campaign donations.

Bud Ilic

Bloomington, IL

Apr 9 2010 - 3:01pm