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I will love you forever for writing this. We need an army to writers to join you. The amount of ignorance and naïveté about this is about to bury the country.

Kathy Knechtges

Manistee, MI

Nov 30 2008 - 9:53pm

Web Letter

As we watch Obama move very far to the right of the his liberal base, one must wonder what the folks of the UAW will think when he insists the unions renegotiate their contracts to get billions of dollars to keep the industry afloat. The taxpayers of this country have no interest in giving tax money from their $30-an-hour or less jobs (including benefits) to support those making $75 per hour, while at the same tme wondering if they will ever get the price they paid for their house back.

Obama has chosen a cabinet wisely for the enactment of reasonable legislation and I appreciate that, even though I did not support him, because I could not, and still do not, trust him. He, in the words of Reverend Wright, is a politician and says what he needs to say to get elected. That appears to be the truth.

Hopefully, he will abandon any wasteful spending on global warming except for that which coincides with a lessening of dependence on energy bought from the Middle East. The global warming hoax is just about exposed as the sham that it is, and we should concentrate on nuclear energy and tapping our own energy supplies and quit sending dollars to the Middle East that ends up in the hands of terrorists.

I am all for windmill and solar energy projects, but as long as the Ted Kennedys in the world refuse to have them in their backyards, nobody will take those options as serious.

Al Gore must quit taking private jets to engagements, and when his chauffeur is waiting for him to return from a speech, at least turn the car off and the air conditioner as well.

William devan

Sacramento, CA

Nov 30 2008 - 4:20pm

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