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November 15, 2010 Teaching Guide

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  • Editorials

    Time for a Cease-Fire

    Can talks with the Taliban end the war in Afghanistan? If Obama wants to find out, then he must halt combat operations, night raids and drone attacks.

    the Editors

  • (G)rêve général(e) in France

    The French Parliament has passed President Sarkozy's controversial law raising the retirement age, and nationwide protests against the measure have eased. But the struggle against austerity measures is far from over.

    Agnès Catherine Poirier

  • Noted.

    Ryan Devereaux on what WikiLeaks tell us about war crimes, Jeff Biggers on coalfield justice and Kate Murphy on discrimination against women in the workplace

    Various Contributors

  • The Rosenberg Variations

    A new book concludes that it was really Ethel and Julius Rosenberg's in-laws who illegally passed classified information on the atomic bomb to the Russians. Does the news still matter?

    Victor Navasky