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  • Editorials

    Democracy Imperiled in Greece

    Leftist opposition leader Alexis Tsipras is pressing a smart campaign to end austerity. But it may be too late—the oligarchs and neo-Nazis are sharpening their knives.

    the Editors

  • Starbucks Tycoon Bullies the Baristas

    CEO Howard Schultz doesn’t like unions. But he’s happy to coerce his low-paid workers into joining a phony austerity campaign.

    Josh Eidelson

  • Noted

    Judith Long on Jane Sharples, Allison Kilkenny on the fight for Philly’s schools

    Various Contributors

  • ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, Snuff Film

    The film’s torture scenes do not excuse or glorify torture; they do something worse: draw the audience into accommodating it.

    JoAnn Wypijewski

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