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  • January 2, 1998

    Coup in Algeria

    CORRECTION: 28 percent of registered voters chose the Islamic Salvation Front. (3/2/92).

    Daniel Singer

  • January 2, 1998

    Mitterrand Le Petit

    The longest reign in the history of the French Republic is coming to an end, possibly a premature one, with a sense of drama.

    Daniel Singer

  • January 2, 1998

  • January 2, 1998

    Le Pen’s Pals–Blood and Soil

    There are two unmistakable signs that France is entering a pre-electoral period: The government is once again tinkering with the electoral law and the politicians, particularly the leaders of the

    Daniel Singer

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  • January 2, 1998

    Supping With the French Devil

    Cartoonists can beat journalists at their own game of first oversimplifying and then exaggerating.

    Daniel Singer

  • September 30, 1996

    The End of History

    In 1996, Gore Vidal narrated his debacle defending the programs he wrote for the History Channel, which dealt with on the imperial aspects latent in the American presidency, to a panel of corporate media.

    Gore Vidal

  • August 14, 1995

    Mythologizing the Bomb

    The beauty of the atomic scientists' calculations hid from them the truly Faustian contract they scratched their names to.

    E.L. Doctorow

  • April 27, 1995

    In Europe, Hope Amid the Ruins

    "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,/But to be young was very heaven!" The words of Wordsworth do not fully fit, because with so much bloodshed, the stench of corpses, and skeletons, dead or a

    Daniel Singer

  • December 15, 1994

    The Stench of Corruption

    A righteous wind is sweeping across Europe and corruption is being exposed all over.

    Daniel Singer