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  • June 10, 1999

    Kosovo Teach-In

    In a sign of mounting opposition to the Clinton Administration's war policies, more than a thousand people participated in a five-hour teach-in on May 23 in Los Angeles.

    Various Contributors

  • June 3, 1999

    No Impunity for Milosevic

    One of the notable achievements of the indictment issued on May 24 by the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia--beyond fixing individual responsibility for Serbia's brut

    the Editors

  • June 3, 1999

    If Slobo, Why Not Bill?

    I'm no fan of the International Criminal Tribunal, for the reasons Doug Lummis outlined in these pages on September 26, 1994, concluding reasonably enough that such a tribunal was designed to fu

    Alexander Cockburn

  • May 27, 1999

    Oppose a Wider War

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright now reportedly endorses sending NATO troops into a "nonpermissive environment," a chilly euphemism for wreaking new havoc on the Balkans and sending American

    the Editors

  • May 27, 1999

    Another Course in Kosovo

    There are principled differences within the progressive community about the war in Yugoslavia, including the use of ground troops.

    Kai Bird

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  • May 27, 1999

    Rolling Thunder: the Rerun

    People concerned about the US-led NATO war against Yugoslavia find much to reflect upon in the Vietnam experience.

    George Kenney

  • May 27, 1999

    Tiananmen Plus Ten

    On May 10, as tens of thousands of students rallied here for the third day of government-approved protests against NATO's bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, magazine editor Cao Jiahe was

    Sophie Beach

  • May 20, 1999

    Kosovars and Palestinians

    Many Jews have, understandably, seen parallels between the tragic events in Kosovo and their experiences of the Holocaust. But in fact, it is not a good parallel.

    Ghada Karmi

  • May 20, 1999

    Europe’s New Divide

    How can you doubt the progressive nature of NATO missiles when they are blessed by Europe's socialists and the radical heroes of the sixties?

    Daniel Singer

  • May 20, 1999

    ‘We Are All Albanians’

    The other day on the BBC news I saw a young, educated and eloquent Serbian woman speaking about the life of ordinary citizens under the NATO bombing. The Serbian citizens are afraid, she said.

    Slavenka Drakulic