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Society news and analysis from The Nation

  • October 31, 2002

    In Cold Type

    Until and unless a nonhuman animal becomes a legal person, she will remain invisible to civil law." This quote from the legal profile in Bark magazine's fall issue in many ways sums up

    Amy Wilentz

  • October 31, 2002

    The Right Way to Have Sex

    Debbie Nathan is an attendee of Feminist Futures, a New York-based study group whose organizers include Leonore Tiefer.

    Debbie Nathan

  • October 30, 2002

    More Surveillance on the Way

    The USA Patriot Act was passed with much fanfare last October, but it was soon clear that lawmakers passed the package without examining all the parts.

    Robin Mejia

  • October 24, 2002

    Hawks at the Washington Post

    The house organ for America's political class is pushing Bush's case for war.

    Michael Massing

  • October 24, 2002

    Can Coke Prevent AIDS?

    As one of the largest private employers in Africa, the Coca-Cola Company could dramatically alter the course of HIV/AIDS.

    Lisa Weinert


  • October 24, 2002

    Spending for Growth

    One of the great disappointments of recent decades is that Democrats have more or less swallowed whole the underlying economic theories of their Republican rivals.

    Jeff Madrick

  • October 24, 2002

    Can You Spell Cannon Fodder?

    The New York City public school system doesn't have the money, time or organizational skills to make sure every child has a dictionary--or a desk.

    Katha Pollitt

  • October 24, 2002

    Rockin’ in the Free World

    In a weapons producing nation under Jesus
    In the fabled crucible of the free world
    Camera crews search for clues amid the detritus
    And entertainment shapes the land

    Eric Alterman

  • October 17, 2002

    Human Rights at the UN

    The day after Mary Robinson stepped down as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, forced out by determined pressure from Washington, George W.

    Ian Williams

  • October 17, 2002

    Home on the Range

    There's a joke circulating on the Internet: A grandmother overhears her 5-year-old granddaughter playing "wedding." The wedding vows go like this: "You have the right to remain silent.

    Patricia J. Williams