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  • October 19, 2006

    Soldiers of Conscience

    A peace activist argues that if soldiers like Lieut. Ehren Watada succeed in convincing the courts that they have a right to refuse to fight in unjust and illegal wars, the world will be a different place.

    Staughton Lynd

  • July 20, 2006

    Take Back Our Country

    Fighting words from a 98-year-old activist about the power of the people to demand peace and achieve peace justice in these troubled times.

    Elsie Fox

  • July 12, 2006

    A Politics of the Common Good

    A movement is growing that aims to build a politics of decency and sanity, which speaks to the generosity of the American people. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s time to rock the boat.

    Katrina vanden Heuvel

  • December 20, 2005

    Wartime Lies

    As Nazis dropped bombs in Warsaw, poet Czeslaw Milosz wrote a collection of literary criticism that sought to trace the rise of totalitarianism by deconstructing the mythologies of Western modernity.

    Timothy Snyder

  • August 4, 2005


  • July 14, 2005

    As I Lay Reading

    William Faulkner makes Oprah’s Book Club this summer.

    J.M. Tyree

  • January 30, 2003

    ‘Random’ Destruction

    Once again, changes at Random House have made headlines in papers throughout the country.

    André Schiffrin

  • October 24, 2002

    Mr. Feiffer Regrets

    Cartoonist Jules Feiffer dropped a pinpoint protest on First Lady Laura Bush’s National Book Festival on October 12 in Washington.

    Jules Feiffer

  • September 24, 2000

    Why Dubya Can’t Read

    The poor guy is obviously dyslexic, and dyslexic to the point of near-illiteracy.

    Christopher Hitchens