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September 1, 2003 Issue

Jonathan Schell and Katha Pollitt argue for principles and pragmatism in 2004, Andrew Cockburn ponders the new Iraq and Stuart Klawans revie…

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Wanted: Youth Appeal

The sullen attitude of most Democratic politicians toward young people is reflected in Hillary Clinton's memoir, Living History, in which she laments that people betw...


Patriotic Gore

The words "Al Gore" are properly understood to be synonymous with the words "cautious politician." And yet speaking to at New York University recently, Gore gave ...



Warriors For Peace

Will the "unpredictable" nature of this war lead to the kind of malaise in the military that was so costly to troop morale and discipline during Vietnam?

Occupied Voices

"Many years have passed in which Palestinians were not really living. What we need is a huge change. And maybe then there will be peace."

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