Cover of October 23, 2000 Issue


Protest in Prague

Call it the Prague Fall: a season not only to test the democratic progress of Central Europe's most favored post-Communist nation but to find out whether a nonhierarchical, no...

In Fact…


Despite an agreement (steadily unraveling) to call off issue groups supporting him in the New York Senate race, Rick Lazio's loyal band of Hillary-hater...

Oil on Political Waters

The old politics of oil has resurfaced to add a nervous flutter to Election 2000 and also to revive an enduring question of modern industrial life--what is the right price for...

Pill of Choice

It took twelve years for the FDA to approve mifepristone--also known as RU-486--and most of that time had less to do with medicine than with the politics of abortion. Still,...

Debaters’ Points

Little ventured, little gained--the first Gore-Bush debate featured both candidates at their usual. No breakouts, no bold thrusts. The face-off reflected the narrow paramete...


Social Pseudoscience

Every five years the psychologist Judith Wallerstein updates her ongoing study of 131 children whose parents were going through divorce in Marin County, California, in 1971,...

The Former Yugoslavia

During the Kosovo crisis of last year, it was commonplace if not routine to hear two mantras being intoned by those who had decided that "never" would be about the rig...



Books & the Arts

House Finches

To watch the pair of house finches
that frequent the neighbor's feeder,
I leave the charcoal blinds pulled up.
The berry-splashed chest of the male--

A One and a Two

I have two films to tell you about in this column, one of which I recommend to your attention because it's beautiful, absorbing, touching and droll. It will involve you in the...

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