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October 13, 2003 Issue

David Corn catalogues Bush’s lies, Afshin Molavi examines Iran’s reform movement and Lynne Viola reviews Anne Applebaum’s…

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Educating for Privilege

As a law school dean, I was much taken with a statement from Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's landmark opinion in the University of Michigan case: "Law schools represent the tr...

Which Side Is Clark On?

The media shorthand for retired Gen. Wesley Clark's much-anticipated presidential candidacy made him the "antiwar warrior," a military man fully aware of the folly of George...


State of Denial

We live in interesting times. These days we can all pretty much acknowledge that race does not exist as a scientific construct; these days, we can all agree that racism is w...



Books & the Arts


They are bicycling into the sun.
He has a dhoti on under his coat
and a briefcase with LYRIC
marked in big letters.

Savage Modernism

A refugee from Nazism and a distinguished New York psychoanalyst, Sandor Rado had thought long and deeply about Hitler's takeover of Germany. Years ago, the writer Otto Frie...

The Gray Zone

On a hot, dusty summer day in 1998, I drove with friends from Smolensk to the village of Zagor'e to meet Ivan Tvardovsky, a survivor of Stalin's forced-labor camps and the b...

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