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October 1, 2001 Issue


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  • Editorial

    A Hole in the World

    The September 11 attacks show us our vulnerability—an especially terrifying prospect when paired with the threat of nuclear proliferation.

    Jonathan Schell

  • Terror in America

    The attacks on the Twin Towers will be called 'mindless terrorism,' but the blowback the United States is experiencing is far from mindless.

    Robert Fisk

  • A Great Wound

    The battleground is now on US soil—not just against the terrorists, but those who would highjack the terrible event and twist it to their own ends.

    the Editors

  • The Dark Smoke

    The military and the national security bureaucracy are quick to use the terror attacks to demand more funds and discretion.

    David Corn

  • Reflections on Durban

    The United States cannot dodge its responsibility by withdrawing from the World Conference Against Racism.

    Dennis Brutus and Ben Cashdan

  • Game Over

    The attacks on the Twin Towers show us an ugly truth too long believed in: that of the safe, antiseptic war.

    Naomi Klein

  • The End of Innocence

    While downtown still smolders, and the country gears up for a likely war against the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks, we must keep in mind that state-sanctioned terrorism, too, should be rooted out.

    Joel Rogers

  • A Political Solution Is Required

    While the US looks upon Pakistan for help in its new 'war on terror,' lessons from the past teach us that the alliance can have sinister repercussions.

    Tariq Ali
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