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November 10, 2003 Issue

Karen Houppert talks to military families, Tom Hayden charts the Kennedy influence on Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stuart Klawans reviews "…

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Camp Wellstone

Paul Wellstone won elections as a progressive by energizing and mobilizing a large base, staying close to community organizing efforts of all kinds and fearlessly pressing a...

Wellstone in 2004

During the two years when he was exploring a bid for the 2000 Democratic presidential nomination, Paul Wellstone spent a lot of time trying to figure out how a progressive c...

Big Bucks in Iraq

In early October, Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council awarded the country's first mobile phone licenses to three companies from the Middle East.

Many Peaces, One War

Iraq lies in ruin, the US military occupation is generating a sustained guerrilla resistance, crime is rampant in Baghdad and an Iraqi civil war along ethnic and religious l...




Books & the Arts

What Are They Reading?

Kingdom of Shadows, the sixth of Alan Furst's novels of historical espionage fiction, was hard for me to put down--and when I did, I couldn't wait to pick it up again.

The Avengers

Ghosts are notorious for getting stuck in time. Having lost track of the ongoing world, they will revisit certain hours as obsessively as they haunt a fatal spot.

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